Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Literally millions of dogs are euthanized each and every year at shelters through no fault of their own ... or the shelter's. Ultimately, it is society, ourselves, our friends, neighbors, coworkers, who must take responsibility for the killing of these helpless animals. Simply put, there are too many puppies born each and every year. Some are the result of breeding operations, but many of these puppies are born because people do not spay and neuter their dogs. The end result from the dog overpopulation in this country is overflowing shelters that have very few options and little other choice than to euthanize large amounts of dogs. What's the answer you ask? Education and enactment of pet laws requiring spay/neuter of household pets will help. And remembering when you take a dog into your home, it should be for life ...

Metropolitan areas are especially hard hit with their massive human population which translates into massive dog population. What many people don't realize is that if a dog is picked up as a stray, a shelter is required to hold them for a "stray period" to see if their owner comes looking for them. However, if an owner voluntarily surrenders a dog to a shelter, they do not have to hold that dog at all. It can be immediately euthanized. So, when a shelter is pressed for space, what do you think happens to the owner surrender dogs???

Meet Thalia, a little girl, who was surrendered to a shelter in Southern California because they didn't have time for her. From the looks of her, she hasn't been well cared for in quite awhile. Knowing that with the way she looks and being very shy and frightened at the shelter, they didn't even schedule her for a spay appointment which meant certain death for her. Luckily, CP has ONE rescue angel in S. CA -- Charlene M. -- who once again spent an entire day driving to this shelter yesterday to save Thalia in the nick of time.

I cannot reiterate enough times how CP cannot rescue these precious furkids if we don't have volunteers to help! Don't think that someone else will do it, don't think the furkid will be safe, don't think the furkid will be rescued ... there is no coming back from death ... PLEASE be pro-active, PLEASE be willing to help if possible when asked whether it be help with an intake, Home Safety Visit, transport or volunteering to be an active member of a CP working team.

Thalia would be dead today if not for Charlene M ... Make a difference in a Cairn's life - GET INVOLVED!

Welcome Thalia to the CP family ... we're glad you are one of the lucky ones ...

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turquoisemoon said...

How many times can I say "Thank You"???