Monday, November 26, 2012

A Big Thanksgiving Welcome for Brador!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

 Brador, a handsome 7 year old Wheaton boy

Introducing Brador, a beautiful Wheaten boy, 7 years old, and a good 17 lbs. of solid love!  There's a bit of mystery about him -- his latest owner only had him for two months, and we don't know why his owner before that had to give him up.  But the latest said that he seemed sad, and was not very playful and didn't seem to like it where he was.  And he was a "picky eater."!!?    Ooooookay...  So Col. Potter was called in!

Getting Brador into the arms of Col. Potter proved to be a real challenge because of very unforgiving geography.  This little guy came from a fairly remote area without recourse to many volunteers at all.  And for that reason, I would especially like to thank Jennifer T. for stepping forward, not once, but twice, driving over 9 hours in two trips to get this worthy little cairn where he needed to be.  Like so many others here, she's got the stuff that volunteers are made of!

Well, since Jennifer picked him up, not-so-sad Brador has been wagging his tail and having a good time with all the attention he's getting.  He's now snuggled into his foster home and will soon be ready to share his happy life with somebody new.  By the way, Brador's birthday was Nov. 21st -- so let's welcome him to Col. Potter with Thanksgiving and some hearty Birthday Wishes!

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