Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Honoring The Family Ties

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes
 Ed J - 3 year old, Wheaten Male
 Mildred - 8 year old, Red Wheaten Female
 Patricia Ann - 6 year old, Wheaten Female

I'm going to start this one off with a tissue alert...  While this is a time of joy and happiness for the Family Ties Kids, it is also a time to remember and reflect back on the lives of three very special and important people in the lives of CP family members.  All three of the Family Ties were from our Name a Cairn Program.  This program is such a tremendous way to remember and cherish special lives those that have been a part of us and are now gone, the Name a Cairn Program.  So many find comfort in not only knowing that their loved ones live on in a Cairn, but also in watching that Cairn throughout their journey with CP in finding a forever home.  I know from personal experience how moving this is for those that have been the recipients of this wonderful program.

The Family Ties are enjoying their first days of freedom, complete with a spa treatment before moving to their foster homes this weekend.  Without further ado, please help me Welcome Family Ties:

#5450 Ed J - 3 year old, wheaton male - donated by the Intakes Team in loving memory of our own Sharon J's husband,  Ed, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer just a month ago

#5442 Patricia Ann - 6 year old, wheaton female - donated by Kathy T. in memory of her soulmate and Karin M's mom, Patricia, who left us earlier this year

#5444 Mildred - 8 year old, red wheaton female and mother of Patricia Ann - donated by Angela T. in memory of her grandmother who just passed away the end of October

May all three of these furkids live a long, healthy and happy life in honor of those they were named for…

Please join us in Welcoming The Family Ties!

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