Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

 Fuji:  4 year old Wheaten Male

 Braeburn:  7 year old black Brindle Male

 Honeycrisp:  7 year old black Brindle Female

 Winesap:  7- 8 year old red Wheaten Female

No denying the recent days have not been very kind to many within our CP family.  We continue to worry about those who were in Sandy's path and wish we could help those that have sustained damage and hardship as a result of this monster storm.  In addition, we have lost our dear little Marachino who is now running with the angels.  So much sadness and heartbreak...

But, through all of this, the important rescue work of Col. Potter carries on because there are Cairns that are living through their own monster storm of upheaval and devastation of the family life they have always known.  For just about anyone over 40 years old, you will remember the popular movie, the Apple Dumpling Gang about a slick gambler who is duped into taking care of a group of orphan children.  These children eventually strike it rich, finding gold during the California Gold Rush, but find themselves having to protect their gold nugget from bumbling thieves who want to steal it from them.

CP's Apple Dumpling Gang also found themselves orphans when their family lost their income, and their home, and had no alternative but to find somewhere for their Cairns to go.  Luckily for the Apple Dumpling Gang, they landed in the loving arms of Col. Potter!  While they may not have a valuable gold nugget to use to secure their safety, they don't need one as CP knows they are worth more than any gold nugget every could be.  A gold nugget may be shiny and valuable, but a Cairn is priceless!

Please help me welcome the Apple Dumpling Gang!

Fuji:  4 year old Wheaten male
Braeburn:  7 year old black Brindle male (brother of Honeycrisp)
Honeycrisp:  7 year old black Brindle female (sister of Braeburn)
Winesap:  7- 8 year old red Wheaten female

There was also a sequel, the Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, which will be playing in reruns in Col. Potter foster homes near you very soon!  Get comfy on your sofa, grab some popcorn, and enjoy watching the Apple Dumpling Gang as they ride again into a new adventure and future with Col. Potter.  Welcome Apple Dumpling Gang!

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