Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Want for Christmas…

Contributed by CP Foster Niles

Niles here! I am both Handsome and Nice!

Dear Santa,

Niles here...  I wrote a nice letter of introduction to all the potential Homes out there, but given that it is nearly Christmas Eve, I thought that you might consider giving me a little helping hand?  I mean…  Maybe you can keep a sharp eye out for a perfect Forever Home that really needs a swell guy like me?

Perhaps my painting would look Perfect on Your wall?

Perhaps, as you are popping up and down all those chimneys, you might notice a nice home that has a vacant spot on the sofa?  Don’t I look good here on Foster Mom’s sofa?   (She gave me permission to be up here, by the way!)

Maybe my new Home will like me in my spiffy bow tie?

…or maybe in my Patriotic look?

What about my “Party Dog” look???

O.K., the spiffy look?  With my fine, chiseled profile?

Maybe you’ll spot a home with the need for a great companion?  …A smile that needs a good reason to be made?
I’m sure you already know what a Good boy I have been, but, in case it slipped your mind - with all the Christmas Lists you have to remember - I am a somewhat mature young man, well beyond all that silly puppy stuff, but still youthful and spry, ready to run around the yard, or the house, playing with my fun-loving Foster sister, or hunting prey. 

I love to play and hunt in the yard!

O.K.!  I’ve finished my patrol and the perimeter is secure!

I do all of my business where business is intended to be done, always, and I never, ever chew on anything that hasn’t been approved by my Foster Mom.  I am very well mannered and well dressed, at least my Foster Mom tells me so - even when she accidentally puts my bow tie on upside-down!!

Say “outside” and I will be waiting at the door!

Anyway, Santa, Sir, please, can you take a minute or so to look into someone’s heart and find a spot that is just perfect for me?  Big or small, I can fill that spot with so much love and respect, I would surely be the Best Christmas gift any good home could ask for!

CP Foster Niles in Sunny Florida
aka The Most Debonair Cairn on the Panhandle!
aka Your Sofa Buddy and Friend (I’ll be guarding your cookies and milk!)

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