Friday, December 14, 2012

And the Winner is… Merryn, the Biggest Loser!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Merryn enjoying the Sunshine

CP Merryn is a real Sweetie Pie, and living proof that Love of Family is all that matters! 

I know there is a squirrel up there…

You see, this little girl was stuck in an outdoor pen, year-round, without proper care or exercise, so she came to Col. Potter in the Spring of 2012 as a neglected, about 6 lbs. overweight, itchy, smelly, unhappy creature, suffering hair loss and dry eye to boot.  Said to not like “kids that might poke her”, it was clear from her behavior that she had had less than exemplary treatment at the hands of her former circle of humans.

Merryn and Foster Brother, ready for Trick or Treat!

Merryn’s Foster Mom and Dad went right to work, cleaning her up, putting her on a good diet, putting drops in her eyes to ease her discomfort, and teaching her how good little Cairn girls behave in a loving family. Their reward for this effort is that today, Miss Merryn is a Merry little girl, down to her perfect weight, with a beautiful new coat of hair and a more beautiful bounce in her step!  Instead of creaking and groaning with each step, Merryn can now be found frisking and frolicking, at home and out on a walk!

In addition to that, Miss Merry proved what a steady girl she was when an autistic boy grabbed her at the beach, yet she was calm and respectful throughout the encounter.  This is one smart cookie!  Smart and sweet!

Merryn loves her back rubs…

…Almost as much as she loves her belly rubs!

Merryn’s birth date is 4/16/04, she now weighs in at a healthy fifteen pounds.  She stands up, sits, or shakes hands for treats. And she sits and waits for her meal to be served – most of the time!  Her beautiful Brindle coat is getting healthier every day, and her charming eyes now sparkle all the time! 

Merryn sporting her new Santa hat…

O.K., the treats do help!

She has learned to get along well with her two Cairn Foster siblings, but would probably be most happy as an only dog.  Probably, but maybe not…  Just recently, Foster Dad offered special treats, not realizing that the path was somewhat blocked, and Foster Sister came barreling in from the next room, plowing directly into little Merryn, who simply picked herself up and cheerfully joined Foster Sister for treats!  Pretty impressive for a little girl who supposedly didn’t like other dogs!  She is a sweet, sweet, sweet little girl, with Lots of love to give!  If you have some room in your heart, this Merry little girl is ready to bound into your life and snuggle in to fill all your empty spaces!

Merryn has done a wonderful job losing weight!

Well, it isn’t always so easy to stick to the diet!
Merryn wishes you a Merry Christmas!  Can you help make her Christmas Merry?

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Marga said...

What an adorable girl Merryn is! Love all the pictures. Thank you Col. Potter for rescuing this girl and her foster family for taking such good care of her. I hope she finds her forever home soon.