Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Remembering Austin!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer and Austin’s Mom

Austin at Intake, August, 2006

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) is always grateful when a new Foster comes in and quickly finds a Forever Home, making room to save another little soul.  It isn’t always that easy, however.  Sometimes we rescue little Cairns that need a lot of work to get them ready to go to their own home, and sometimes we just can’t quite erase all the issues.  Thankfully, a wonderful Rescue Volunteer often steps forward to provide a Forever Home to these so-called un-adoptable kids, and this tribute is to one such Foster and his very special Foster Mom who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.   

Following is her tribute to her special boy…

Austin 2/25/99 (?) – 12/10/12
Aging, like fine wine…

Austin (aka The Pee-Man) took his final car ride today, as the obits tend to say, after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  In late April he was diagnosed with TCC - prostatic carcinoma.  His symptoms were relieved with NSAIDs for several months and then this summer he went through 2 rounds of chemotherapy.  There was only a 1 in 2 zillion chance of shrinking the tumor, which is always fatal, but the plan was to slow its progress down and he was the kind of dog that handled it all very well.

I took a day off every week this summer and most of them were spent at the specialty vet between Mayflower's gall bladder removal and Austin's visits with his oncologist.  On November 1, we moved into "hospice care" and returned back to my own vet. His doctors had given me all the tools I needed to make him comfortable, NSAIDs, stomach protectants, nausea pills, and fluids for his failing kidneys.  

It was the right decision.  He had fought back several times from seizures and collapses enough times, we all thought of him as the Comeback Kid.  But on Sat. we found he had an enlarged mass that was causing a blockage - my worst fear.  At least I was prepared and wasn't at work when he needed me most.

Austin waiting to meet Foster Mom – Courtesy Beth A

Austin came to me as a foster in 2006.  He was found as a stray (thus the question mark after his "birth date" as we have no clue - that was my vet's best guess), and he was deemed un-adoptable because he growled every time you made him do something he didn't want. 

Oh oh…  Austin surveying the damage

Well guess what, that NEVER changed.  But he never, ever once bit anyone. 

 But it was in the way, Foster Mom!

I knew I was in trouble the first night when he jumped up on the bed and snuggled down right next to me.  This dog had been someone's pet that was for sure.  However, he peed all the time. Behavior or physical?  We did every test while he was in foster care and there was no reason, but it was beyond a behavior problem.  
Austin enjoying the Sunshine

When Lucy (Boston Terrier) passed in 2007, I applied to adopt my little Pee-Man. Obviously, only some kind of weirdo would put up with a dog who peed all the time, but hey, my house was already Pee-Man-Proofed.  He never slept anywhere but next to me - first day to last.  He had horrible teeth - his dentals were horrific - in fact the first one in foster care was over $700 and it never got better.  I covered all his foster expenses and gave another $250 donation to CP adopt him.  Because of that, I called him my Million Dollar Man, but he was worth every penny.

How could you Not love this face?

He loved everyone, cats, squirrels, children & all people.  He adored my niece Emily and my brother in law, and I was so glad we had a chance to go down and see them for Thanksgiving.  It was touch and go, but I think the trip did him good and I know it did me.  So that was his final gift to me and himself - a holiday from worry plus turkey to boot!  I did make sure he wore a bellyband constantly at my sister's house -- even at night.  One night I woke up (which I have done 2-3x nightly for the last 7 months) and watched him go from chair, to table, to chair, to flower arrangement, lifting his leg on every single thing.  Laughing, that's my boy…

Austin waiting to meet Foster Mom – Courtesy Beth A

Thanks to Lynne P. who was his rescue angel and Beth A. who brought him to me to foster.  So please - all humans, raise a glass and every little boy dog, raise your leg, in memory of The Pee-Man, aka Greyfrairs Bobby (the name they gave him at the shelter), aka Austie, aka My Baby Boy.  

Austin in the Snow

One of a kind and never to be forgotten.
Mom, Tim, Mayflower and Nana, and Foster Hazel

CPCRN is an all volunteer Rescue, saving Cairns, one dog at a time.   Please adopt, volunteer, or donate so we can help more Cairns enjoy Freedom, even those who are said to be un-adoptable!


Susan said...

We are so sad that Austin is gone. But at least we got to have him visit us for Thanksgiving. He was such a trooper all weekend - a final gift to my sister. I think he really perked up just so he could visit us one more time. Lord knows he wanted to see his cousin Kobe one more time - just so he could give him a few last growls.... John will really miss him sneaking into bed and snuggling with him on our visits to Vermont. We will miss Speed Racer at dinnertime,and of course we will miss him barking at every person going by the front window alerting us to all those dangerous things outside! I am sure that Myra, Lucy and Bogie were waiting for him as he crossed the rainbow bridge (he probably peed on the bridge on his way over) and now they are all together free from any pain and worry. Happy to be together again. Austin is probably up there peeing on all the clouds and having a grand old time - no more belly bands Yay! He was such a jewel and you were such a great mom to him. He will be missed.
Love - Austin's Aunt & Connecticut Family

Susan said...

Priceless story! Very touching.Cairns are the best.