Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing out 2012 with an Armload of Sweet Toffee!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Toffee, a sweet 5 year old Wheaten boy

We received an email from one of our volunteers about a stray female cairn at her local shelter that needed to be rescued.  We got approval and our volunteer pulled her and delivered her to our vet.

Once at the vet, we found out the little girl is actually a little boy – no one at the shelter looked very closely and the long coat hid the obvious signs!

Toffee is estimated to be 5 years old and weighs 15 lbs.   So far all we know about him is that he seems like a happy boy – lots of tail wagging when greeting people!  He’s currently at the vet for his spa treatment and will be heading to his foster home this coming weekend.

Welcome little boy!

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