Thursday, January 10, 2013

O Canada Redux!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Banff, 8 year old Light Wheaten Female

Kootenay, 8 year old Red Wheaten Female

They say good things come to those that wait...  Some wait by choice, but others have to wait out of necessity, because they have to.  Remember back to the beginning of November when CP welcomed a group of Cairns known as the O'Canada group?  Well, there were two females missing from that group, not by choice, but out of necessity and because they had to. 

Why you ask?  Because they had both just whelped a litter of puppies and they had to be good mamas to their babies.  Now those babies have been weaned and have found their own homes, and these two girls were not forgotten by CP.  By keeping in touch, we were able to arrange for them both to find their way to the loving arms of the CP family this weekend, and they have now found the good things in life!

The members of the O'Canada group were named after cities in Canada as part of the Name a Cairn Program thanks to a generous donation by our BC Canadian Volunteers, the proceeds from their labor, parking cars at a multi-day dog show event.  These two girls will remain connected to the others and are named after two Canadian National Parks.

#4359 Banff:  Female, Light Wheaten, DOB 12/20/04
#4360 Kootenay:  Female, Red Wheaten, DOB 12/13/04

Please help us welcome Banff and Kootenay to the CP family!

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