Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Col. Potter Celebrates a Beautiful Anniversary!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Anniversary, a Beautiful 3 year old, Light Wheaten Female

For too many people, the economy is not improving and countless families are not doing better than they were a couple of years ago, as evidenced by the story of this little girl. 

Her family lost their home and the rental unit they were moving into had a pet deposit that they simply could not afford.  They had to choose between food for their family or a pet deposit.  Time was drawing dangerously close to the point that this little girl had to find a new home when CP learned of her plight.  This past weekend her time was up, and she had to go - one way or the other.

Generally couples that are celebrating 39 years of marriage like to spend the day together doing things they enjoy and reminiscing about their life together.  CP has one such special couple -- Kathy and Barney H.  This past Saturday, Kathy and Barney celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary by first driving the initial leg of our True Love couple, and then, when this little girl became urgent, they immediately packed up the van and headed off for the SIX hour round trip to collect her.  Best part is, they said, they were together and doing what they both love:  Helping the Cairns!

Anniversary is housebroken, friendly, and good with children!

Please help us welcome #4369 “Anniversary”, a 3 year old, Light Wheaten beauty who is housebroken, friendly, and good with kids. 

OK, the line forms to my left for this little one!

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