Monday, February 18, 2013

Corkie Makes Her Way to Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Corkie, a Beautiful Light Wheaten girl

Corkie, 10 years old and Full of Life!

How many of you have now, or had in the past, aging parents that needed some assistance in their golden years?  You wouldn't think of turning your back on your parents, family members, or even friends at this time.  Just because they have slowed down a little, or might not be able to do as much or as quickly as they once did, they are valued members of society and are treated with the dignity and respect that they have earned and deserve.  Too bad that's not always the case for our furkids.  Many times when they become older, become a burden, or are no longer of any value, they are cast aside, disposed of, or dumped to await their inevitable fate.

Such is the sad story of our newest CP family member.  This beautiful little girl grew older and lost her value, so was either going to be PTS or dumped at a shelter, where the same fate more than likely awaited her, given her age.  Well, we couldn't let that happen! Denise G. from the Rescue Team rode - or should I say drove - to her rescue, swooping her up and transporting her to safety and week long spa treatment before heading to her Foster Home.

#2973 Corkie is a friendly and sweet, 10 year old Wheaten girl who has many good years left in her for the right family that wants a lady who is laid back and gentle.

Her name comes from our Name a Rescue Cairn Program.  It was given by Susan W. in loving memory of her first precious Cairn, Corkie, who came from Ireland and was so very well loved for her entire life, and beyond.

Please help us give a warm welcome to CP’s Corkie, who now has the chance to be spoiled and loved too!

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