Thursday, February 14, 2013

True Love Comes to Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Paul, a Sweet, Petite 11.7 year old Black Brindle Male

Joanne, a Sweet but Shy 9.2 year old Light Wheaten Female

Valentine's Day is the celebration of love, recognized around the world and it speaks a universal language.  Love knows no age restrictions and has no boundaries.  When you think of Great Lovers, you may think of Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, Sir Lancelot & Queen Guinevere, Grace Kelly & Prince Rainier, Adam & Eve, Bogey & Bacall, or maybe even Bonnie & Clyde.  And now, CP is adding it's very own pair of Great Lovers -- Paul & Joanne -- yes, just like dreamy blue eyed Paul Newman and his lifelong love and wife Joanne Woodward.

CP's True Love couple have been together for many years.  They have only been separated once during their union, and Paul just about died of a broken heart.  As they grew older, they were no longer wanted and luckily were saved in the nick of time from a date with a bullet. Knowing their attachment, it was impossible to find a rescue group that could guarantee they would go to the same foster home and ultimately, the same adoptive home.  Impossible until CP came to the rescue.  CP was able to make their love story continue and grant their Valentine's Day wish for a continued lifetime together for Paul and Joanne.

May we present, for the very first time, as CP's True Love, Paul and Joanne:

#4367 Paul:  Black Brindle, DOB 5/2/01, just 10.6#, very friendly and extremely handsome, just like his namesake;

#4368 Joanne:  Light Wheaten/Cream, DOB 12/1/03, a motherly weight of 19 lbs., and likes to stay a little more in the background and defer to Paul, but friendly;

This True Love would not have been possible without the help of Kathy H. in picking up the couple and Kaaren J. for giving these two a home while they search for their Forever home together.

True Love is definitely a love story for the ages!!! 

Welcome and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY to Paul and Joanne!

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