Thursday, July 11, 2013

Eraser says: who is the mayor Eraser indeed?

Note from CP blogger: Eraser was one of CP's foster cairns and he is a very smart boy! His post is written in his own style and we wouldn't change a word!

who is the mayor Eraser indeed, Eraser started life as a slave in a puppy mill for 9 years he escaped this hell and came to the most desperate city he could find, he was 9 pounds and so weak he couldn't climb steps. "I forgive the peoples who treated me so badly and I want to pay back the kindness to those peoples who rescued me, so I will fix this terrible city so it is fit for peoples and dog" said Eraser. first he sent the corrupt city council running out the door and he became Mayor by decree. He then started a campaign for mayor legal like. Law and order came to Inwood city the worst crooks went to jail and good people started to move back into the City. Eraser became lonely and found a bride in Cindy U they fell in love and married, soon after they moved to missouri ,his true love went to the bridge after a few years of wedded bliss. he lives with his brother  now reliving the old days of Camelot over and over in his mind . Mayor Broderick soon came to Inwood City and followed his path of reform and reconstruction the call of the south soon grew too much for him and he moved back to his beloved North Carolina, Inwood City soon fell into kaos without a mayor and is now on the distressed city list, " I don't know what the hell will become of Inwood City without a mayor" said the innkeeper to this reporter

for those of you who never had the opportunity to see the world as he does, you can follow this  link to the advice columns that he wrote for our blog before he was adopted. We hope you enjoy them.

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