Thursday, July 11, 2013

We are a Finalist for the "Best Cause Blog"!!!!! Please Vote!

by Bonnie Walton Crosby, CP Blog Editor

We would thank everyone who visits our Col. Potter Blog. Our first post was on January 5, 2008.  Lynda Gilley began our CP Blog and mentored me to follow her as the Blog Team Leader and Editor.  She is still available to me as an invaluable resource.

Since it's inception, we have had 327,540 pageviews, 2582 posts, 142 pageviews today, 298 yesterday and 7,727 pageviews last month. That is a great deal of interest in Col. Potter and their  fosters and furever after stories. We have also posted timely topics relating to safety and   cairn trivia.

The majority of our blog visitors are from the United States and Canada. We have also been viewed from countries as far away as  Russia, China, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Ukraine, Sweden and Japan.

The way that people access the blog has changed as one half our pageviews now come from mobile devices and 40%  of views are  from Apple operating systems devices while  60% are from Windows.
Since we are asking you to support us in voting for our blog as a cause blog, I thought you might like to know how  far reaching our blog voice has become.

Remember those Pettie Awards where we were doing the nominations for best pet blogs so we could also nominate Col. Potter for the $10k shelter/rescue grant?

Well, they won't post the results for the $10k grant until the end of August.

BUT WE ARE ONE OF THE FINALISTS FOR THE "BEST CAUSE BLOG"!!!!!         just follow this link to vote!
(note:  we are listed as "Cairn Rescue" because that is the url for our blog"
Our suggestions for voting:
Best Cause Related blog:  Cairn Rescue (this is Col. Potter)
Best Active Living blog:  Miss Divinity (yes OUR Miss Divinity!)

Funniest blog:  Oz the Terrier  (Oz is a cairn in Florida)
Best Dog blog:  Preston Speaks  (Preston is a Westie)

Thanks for voting!

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