Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sweet Melissa – A True Love Story!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Sweet Melissa, a Darling 7 year old Gray Brindle Female

There's a haunting song by the Allman Brothers that tells the tale of a wandering man, some would call him a gypsy.  No matter where he goes or what he does, his thoughts come back to one thing, his Sweet Melissa.  Here's a lyric describing his life: "Crossroads seem to come and go;  The gypsy flies from coast to coast;  Knowing many, loving none;  Bearing sorrow, having fun;  Back home, he'll always run to Sweet Melissa".

There was an elderly man who had a beautiful black brindle cairn girl as his companion.  It was mutual love for both of them.  As his health deteriorated his faithful companion stayed by his side.  She was content to be with the love of her life.  The time came when he could no longer care for his sweetheart so she found her way down the long winding road to rescue with the help of many.

Today Sweet Melissa is a Col. Potter girl.  She's 7 years old, knows “Sit”, “Down”, and “Come”.  She loves walks - something she hadn't done much of, taking care of her former owner.  She needs some help with her weight, but enjoying walks as she does, she'll be back to her svelte self in no time.  

Sweet Melissa is ready to find another Loving Home!

As we welcome this beautiful girl, let's remember her Rescue means the loss of a loved companion to someone.  Tears were shed and hearts were broken as their paths parted.  True Love is not always easy.

"No one hears his lonely sighs;  There are no blankets where he lies;  In all his deepest dreams, the gypsy flies with Sweet Melissa." 

Welcome, Sweet Melissa!

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