Thursday, August 1, 2013

Frodo finds Comfort with Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Frodo, a sweet 9 - 10 year old Black Brindle Male
Please give a warm welcome to Col. Potter’s Frodo! 

Frodo joins CP after a difficult time in his life.  His beloved elderly owner was no longer able to keep and care for him, so she took him to the shelter, not realizing what kind of troubles an owner surrender Cairn might face in a shelter environment.  Once he was there, and she confided in a dear friend what she had done, and the friend explained why this was not an optimal choice for Frodo.  Of course, his owner was devastated by this news.  Sometimes we just don't know something, until it is too late. 

With the help of her friend, she then contacted a volunteer with Col Potter, who sprang into action to see if CP could help.  With many phone calls, emails, faxing, all the details worked out, it was finally arranged that Frodo could be picked up!  Frodo was scared, shaky, and worried, but once out of the shelter, he was much happier.  You can see that smiling face, even crated, safe from the shelter environment.

Frodo is estimated to be 9-10 years old. He's reported to be friendly, happy, and curious.  Frodo is 15 pounds and needs to gain a tiny bit of weight.  He is getting his spa treatment now, and will be looking for that wonderful Foster home and then his Forever home.

Frodo's name is a donated by Christine O, through our Name a Rescue Cairn Program, for a friend of hers who just lost their loving Cairn named Bilbo.  What a wonderful way to remember Bilbo!

Thank you to all involved in saving this boy, and all who educate others about safe options for their beloved companions.  Without education, far too many beloved Cairns end up in situations like Frodo, minus a group like CP stepping in to help. 

Welcome, Frodo!! May your life be filled with only joy from here forward!

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