Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Calder Collects Kudos at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Calder, a Classic 7.5 year old Black Brindle Male
A Foster Bedtime Story
Once upon a time there were three little Cairns – Calder, Scottie, and NoName. Three little Black-Brindle brothers who loved to bark and roughhouse and chase stuff a lot.  One day, the grumpy old neighbor said, “That’s it – those ruffians have got to go!”  And the human daddy said, “Okay, that’s it – these ruffians have got to go!”  So he packed their little Cairn bags and dropped the three brothers off at the reform school.  (Some people called it the “SPCA,” but the Cairn brothers knew better.)  And there they stayed, waiting for…  Well, they didn’t know what they were waiting for!

Then one day, very soon, a little boy - who loved to shout and roughhouse and chase stuff a lot - came to the reform school.  He saw one of the brothers, and he swooped up the little No-Name Cairn dog and took him home to a nice safe place where they could play all they wanted without any grumpy old neighbors.
…And then there were only two little brothers.

Then another day, very soon, a nice Rescue lady named Erica came to the shelter and said “Oh look, a Scottie dog!” and she swooped up the Scottie Cairn brother and took him to a nice safe place.  But Erica tossed and turned all night. “What about Calder, the other brother left behind?” she worried.

Erica called Col. Potter and said, “I think that last boy is a Cairn boy and not a Scottie at all - and he needs your help!  He’s a good dog and doesn’t belong in the SPCA.”  So Col. Potter said, “Don’t worry!  We’ll save that last Cairn brother!!” And the volunteer put on her Col. Potter crusader cape, rushed over to the shelter, and swooped up that last Cairn boy, then took Calder to a nice safe place!

And now all three brothers are safe and sound!  However…  naughty little Calder still likes to bark and roughhouse and chase stuff a lot - but that’s the Foster Home’s problem now!
The End

Please give a big CP Welcome to a big personality, the new boy on the block, Calder Cairn, who now has a New Beginning, with Special Thanks to thanks to Erica, Marsha, Dennis, and Nicole!!


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