Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rabbie Reaches for Love at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Rabbie, a Sweet 4 year old Wheaten Male

When is it ok to euthanize a dog?  Big question, isnt it?  Many people struggle when their beloved dog is nearing the end of a long, well lived life, and suffering.   Is it too soon?  Will it be too late and cause more pain and suffering?  Can I do this?  How will I be able to do this, even when I know it is the most compassionate thing?

On the Intakes Team, we see the insane flip side of this thinking.  We see owners deciding that euthanizing a dog when that dog just doesn't behave in the 'correct manner' is the “BEST” option.  Better than crating when not supervised, better than using an expen, better than limiting access to safe areas, better than using belly bands, better than giving to a Rescue.  Euthanizing, because that is “better”.

This past week, Intakes was contacted by an owner who stated that their dog was having accidents in their home, and if we could not take the dog by the following day, he would be euthanized.

ONE DAY notice before a four year old - yes, FOUR year old - would be euthanized for accidents.

Intakes scrambled into action, and a very generous Foster Home did all they could to meet the owner and pick this boy up.  This unleashed, no collar, out walking in a public location, Cairn boy.  Obese, in dire need of grooming, but sweet as pie.  Safe now with Col Potter, who will do all we can to keep him safe.

Thanks to the family who sprang into action to get this sweet boy!  He is safe today because of your help. 

Welcome, Rabbie!!!!

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