Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Consulting the Crystal Ball…

Foster Spotlight for Joanne and Paul!

I love to sit in Foster Mom’s garden…
…and smell how beautiful it is!
Well…  Hello there!  It’s me, Joanne, and I am so happy that Spring has finally Sprung here in Virginia Beach!  The garden is looking really perky – and it smells good too!  Paul thinks I smell good too, but that’s a story for another day…

Paul just had to check and make sure Foster Mom didn’t wash away my personal scent when she gave me a bath!

Paul and I have spent a lot of years together, working in “the business”.  I think my job was harder, quite frankly, having so many puppies, year after year, that they always took away too soon, but Paul had to do his job longer, and he didn’t get quite as much care as I did (not that mine was so great, mind you), so it sort of evens out.   Sort of…

I wonder if my Forever Home is over that way?...

Anyway, Paul and I made a break for it back in Kansas, and we stopped by and asked Professor Marvel to look into his crystal ball and see if he could find us a Home, but all he saw was some yellow brick road and flying monkeys, so we went instead to seek help at Col. Potter.  The nice people there didn’t have a crystal ball, but they had nice soft beds and good food, and I can’t tell you how nice it was after all those years of work!  To just lie in my soft bed and do nothing was delightful!  I know Paul felt the same way too!  Of course, he also had some terrible problems with his teeth, but he didn’t tell anyone, being a true Cairn, so he just suffered in silence, grateful for his nice soft bed.

Thanks for the nice soft bed!

Well, one day, some other nice Col. Potter Volunteers came by and helped us pack up our bags and move South to Virginia Beach!  This was quite an interesting change for us, not being Kansas anymore, and we decided to let down our guard a little bit and allow this new Foster Mom help us a little.  You see, Paul had very bad infections and terrible teeth, and I had no way to see, at least the way others do it.  Both of us had been neglected, in spite of all the hard work we did, and, like I said, we’re Cairns so we just dealt with it.

This is a great place for a Sun bath!

Well, we sure learned about trust!  Suddenly, we were off seeing doctors and getting poked and prodded and examined carefully, and things started looking up right away.  Foster Mom started to put some nice drops into my eyes every day, and my eyes started to feel better, and then I found I could see again, even if it was just a tiny bit!  Foster Mom was so happy when she realized this because she thinks I am a very sweet girl, and I know she loves me a lot.

Paul's mouth feel sooooo much better now!

Paul, well, he had to have a big surgery to fix his poor mouth, and take medicine to get rid of the horrible infection that had been driving him crazy.  It was a very difficult time for him, but Foster Mom took such good care of him, so he recovered completely and got back to his old adorable self – only better!  Now he doesn’t have to sit in a cage, waiting to be put to work.  Those days are over!  Now Paul can run in the yard with our Foster Brother, guarding the fence and hunting for all those critters that need to be dispatched!  This is work that he really loves!

Paul takes his yard patrol duties very seriously!

Paul and I feel better than we have in a long, long time, so I hope you don’t pay too much attention to our ages.  We are both healthy now, and full of spirit, with lots of Love to give our own special person!  And that’s another thing:  Paul and I are great friends, sort of like having a comfortable pair of Ruby Slippers, but we are both perfectly OK going barefoot!  I mean, if you just wanted a beautiful, mature, young woman, give me a call!  I would love to have my very own person who only has eyes for me!

Paul is very independent, but he really Loves our Foster Mom and he is always excited to see her!

Paul feels the same:  If you want the sweetest, most happy young man to monitor your yard for invaders and greet you with great excitement when you come home, Paul is your guy!  He has great work ethics, so you’ll never have to worry about your yard again – and he really is the sweetest, most charming fellow!

You don’t need to consult that old crystal ball.  Just look into our eyes and I think you’ll see, one of us is a perfect match for your Home, and you will never regret giving us a place to Forever call our own!

CP Foster Joanne (and Paul)
in Virginia Beach

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