Monday, June 30, 2014

Bobbie Boy Finds Safety and Love at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Bobbie Boy, a delightful 12 year old Wheaten Male
Bobbie Boy is young for his age!

Please Welcome a special little man, Bobbie Boy, into the Col. Potter family!  Bobbie Boy is 12 years old and was a wonderful companion to an elderly lady who has loved him dearly.  Sadly, sometimes life gives us a path to follow alone.  Such is the case with Bobbie, in that, he could not go with his owner to her new home.   She knew in her heart of hearts that surrendering him to Col. Potter was the only way she would be sure that he would be safe and soon find his new Forever Home.

Bobbie Boy has settled right in with his new CP Blankie!

Bobbie Boy is indeed very safe and warm with our CP family until he finds his very own family once again!  Many thanks to Lynn B. and Mary H. for helping him on his journey to his Foster Home.  His new Foster Mom reports that “…he is a pleasant boy, very attentive and curious, and he's made himself right at home! …He bounces around chasing the soft basketball I got him.    He's a great pup!”

Foster Mom adds, “Bobby Boy definitely loves his walks!  He has a lot of bounce and energy - not at all what I expected from a 12 yr old.    He got so excited the first day that, after I put his harness on, and was struggling to get the resident dog's harness on, Bobby Boy stuck his head into the 2nd harness as well and I started laughing - two heads in one harness!  He is excellent on the same schedule as my two for waking up, potty, feeding, napping, etc., so I have to say that Bobby Boy is very adaptable and extraordinarily loving and sweet!”

Bobbie Boy is looking for his new Best Friend!

Welcome Bobbie Boy!  With these wonderful credentials, you are sure to find your Forever Home soon!

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