Monday, July 28, 2014

Lovemuffin is Now on the Menu at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Lovemuffin, a tiny 6 pound, 3 year old Black Brindle Male

Col. Potter was contacted by a shelter regarding a very sweet and friendly 3 year old Black Brindle Cairn with a very big problem.  Apparently, Lovemuffin must have crawled out under a fence without enough clearance, resulting in a painful wound all the way down his spine.  While the shelter cleaned the wound and provided antibiotics, they sought CP's urgent assistance so that this boy would receive proper veterinary care.  Within an hour, CP made arrangements to collect Lovemuffin and get him to the vet!  While under anesthesia, Lovemuffin's wound was debrided and a laser treatment was administered to boost healing.  It will take time and care, but Lovemuffin's wound should heal nicely.

Lovemuffin is now at his Foster Home where he will recuperate and gain some much needed weight.  This small boned Cairn will add a few pounds to his current 6 lb weight.  Despite all the turmoil in this boy's life, and the obvious pain from his wound, both the shelter and veterinary staff reported that Lovemuffin was active, friendly, and very loving.  All felt he was perfectly named!

Thank you Cindy M. for donating to Col.Potter’s Name a Rescue Cairn Program in memory of Donald S.  Cindy requested that the name be chosen by his wife, Kim, who chose the best term of endearment she and Donald shared – “Lovemuffin”.

Lovemuffin has a painful racing stripe, apparently earned during his escape

If you would like to contribute to Lovemuffin's veterinary care, please forward your donation to:

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network
Lovemuffin Medical
c/o Danielle Rackstraw, Donations
PO Box 1354
Menifee, CA 92585-1354

Please join us as we say “Welcome Lovemuffin!”

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