Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesdays with Tabasco!

Contributed by CP Tabasco in LA

CP Tabasco Available for Adoption in LA

Well, Hello Again!

Tabasco here – still waiting for my Forever Home to fill out an application to adopt me!

Yes, I’ll put the link right here again to make it easy:

Now, I think some people were so impressed with my adorable photo and my video, they thought the "LA" thing meant I was in LA - like a big movie star!  Well, not that LA!  I'm in Louisiana - LA - just like the Big Easy (where we do have Hollywood types!), but I'm sort-of North/West, almost closer to Dallas - and there are Hollywood types there too!  So really, if you think I have the right "look" you might want to hire me to star in your Life video???  You can see more of my beautiful eyes in the video below, to help you imagine how I would look up at you in Your home!

Can you Sit?

I can!  Especially if Foster Mom has a great Treat in her hand!  I can Sit, I can Down, I can Stand...  Anything you want!  Take a look and see what you think:

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1 comment:

Carol Gregor said...

Hi, I am a CPR rescue owner who would love this puppy if you have difficulty finding him a home. My Norwich Terrier is older and we are trying to be simple as he is really getting along but this puppy caught my eye.
Know I am a backup here and if too much time passes and he is still available let me know!

Carol Gregor