Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Natural Magic of Your Cairn's Eyes

The eyes never lie...

"The glance is natural magic…  We look into the eyes to know if this other form is another self, and the eyes will not lie, but make a faithful confession what inhabitant is there. The revelations are sometimes terrific." Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Behavior: The Conduct of Life”

The Glance
Contemplating the Magic in Your Dog’s Eyes

Serious, amused, contemplative, blissful, focused, worried, grieving, delighted, mischievous, hopeful, disappointed, reluctant, proud, searching, confused, pleased, angry, annoyed, loving, sympathetic, tender, joyful, flirtatious and ecstatic -- all this and more can be found in the eyes of a dog.  As Emerson notes, "the revelations are sometimes terrific."

When a dog honors me with his gaze, when I look into the eyes of these splendid others, it never fails to move me.  The wonder of what can be found in a dog's eyes is so readily available to us, we sometimes may fail to fully appreciate this "natural magic."

I wonder what the dogs - and other animals - find in my eyes.  I hope it is what I intend.

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