Thursday, August 13, 2015

Understanding Arousal, Anxiety, and Fear

"No matter how well fed your dog is, if he doesn’t feel safe…his behavior will be devoted to trying to feel safe."    Suzanne Clothier

One of the key elements of Relationship Centered Dog Training is understanding the dog’s behavior from the dog’s perspective because “…in any given situation, the dog's behavior tells you what his best guess is as to how to handle the situation…  This brief video is an introduction to a lecture by Suzanne Clothier about Arousal, Anxiety, and Fear.  There will be other videos which offer specific training tips, but this one provides a simple illustration to help you understand the fundamental needs of the dog and how these needs drive behavior.  Many Rescued Cairns are labeled aggressive, for example, when all they are trying to do is survive and/or feel safe.  The single most important thing a fearful dog needs is to feel safe, and it is incumbent on us to understand what that means from the dog’s perspective.

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