Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Welcome the Rock N Roll Legends to the CP Stage - Written by CP's VP of Intakes

These nine furkids are all going to be making wonderful music of their own now that they are free from a life in a breeding facility. They were the last nine dogs of a small miller here in Wisconsin who is getting out of the business due to health reasons. As I've always said, there are different degrees of millers. In this case, these kids were lucky to be with a miller who was higher on the scale than most. The last few months they have been her only dogs and have enjoyed perks of living in the house and getting couch time. They are still somewhat shy and frightened and haven't been well socialized, but I think they will come around quickly and be ready to take the stage in their own forever home very quickly.

See if you can match the first name to go with these Rock N Roll Legends:

Joplin: female, DOB 2002, mother of Wilson, reported to love to cuddle
Turner: female, DOB 2003, supposedly loves to give kisses
Diddley: male, 7 years old, gives finger kisses and loves to be a couch buddy
Wilson: female, DOB 2004, Joplin's daughter, sweet girl
Etheridge: female, DOB 12/03, Benatar's sister, a real beauty
Benatar: female, DOB 12/03, Etheridge's sister, love in motion
Nugent: male, 3 years old, a little shy, but adorable
Fogerty: male, DOB 8/16/07, Clapton's brother, the shyest of the group
Clapton, DOB 8/16/07, Fogerty's brother, cute friendly little guy

Joplin, Turner and Diddley are being being vetted in Wisconsin. Everyone else is enjoying the hospitality at Oz Project. Those at the vet will be ready for foster homes this coming weekend. As I posted, we have a TON of PM kids especially waiting for a chance at freedom. In total, I brought in 14, yes, I said 14 puppy mill kids this weekend. I thank all that have gotten in touch with me about taking a foster, but we need more foster homes. Please don't let the music stop here. Give those that are waiting for a ticket a chance to attend the CP concert and experience freedom in the loving arms of Col. Potter. I've already turned down one furkid, please help us get the others to safety and freedom.

And now, how about a standing ovation for the Rock N Roll Legends!!!

If you are interested in becoming a CP foster home, check out our foster facts. If you are unable to foster but would like to help our puppy mill dogs, and possibly win a great gift, check out our New Leash On Life XII!

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