Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's Pixie!

Written by a CP Intakes Volunteer

Saturday this gorgeous cairn, Pixie, officially became a member of the Col. Potter family. She is 7 years old and a not so pixie-ish 22 pounds. Pixie has spent her entire life in a puppy mill doing what puppy mill girls do - have babies. When Pixie gained her freedom she had given birth to her last puppies not too long ago. She came into the humane shelter with a hernia and enlarged mammary glands. The wonderful staff at the shelter took care of her health issues to help her on the road to health. Pixie spent a month at the shelter having surgeries and recuperating. The humane society called Col. Potter this week to help Pixie get a start on her new life.

I want to take a moment to share more of Pixie's background and the enormous task involved in her rescue. Some of you may remember that a few months ago a puppy mill in Wisconsin announced it was going out of business. This puppy mill had 1200 dogs of various breeds. The Humane Society of Wisconsin took on the monumental job of helping these dogs to a new life. The shelter is taking in large numbers each month. They do the initial health screenings, some of the vaccinations, spay/neuter and any other necessary procedures. Breed Placement works with rescues to assure the dog has the best chance possible. They are to be commended for all they have done and are doing. Pixie is not the first cairn from this shelter to join CP nor will she be the last. When they call, Col. Potter is ready to go into action. Without the help of all the CP volunteers we couldn't save cairns like Pixie.

Pixie has a gorgeous terrier coat and is only going to get more beautiful with a spa treatment. She is currently spending her week at the vet finishing up her vetting and getting ready for the next step. Pixie will be heading for her very own foster home and her first dog bed! If you would be interested in fostering Pixie, please check out our Foster Facts.

A big thanks to Joan N. and Mary Jean O. for being Pixie's rescue angels and a big WELCOME to Pixie!

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