Monday, September 29, 2008

Welcome Olive!

Written by a CP Volunteer

Saturday, I drove to a town called Olivehurst to pick up a little girl who's number would have been up on Tuesday. I named her Olive just cause it seemed right. Maureen in Intakes had the same thought so I'm thinking that might just be the right name. I’m not good at naming pets and it's pretty rare when a name comes to me so quickly.

Olive is very sweet but a little skittish. She's spending the week at my vets while Intakes looks for a foster home for her. I bought her a collar and a toy at Wal-Mart and will give both to her when I go visit her.

Somebody gave her an awful hair cut. The deputy who was helping me pointed out the uneven cutting. I was concerned at the length of her coat but she had only been at the shelter for about 2 weeks so I hope in time she'll grow a nice cairn coat. Even with this bad hair cut, you can tell she has a nice hard terrier coat.

Please give a big CP welcome to Olive!

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