Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bubba Gump still needs a home!

Written by BG's foster mom

If you are looking at Bubba (we call him Snickers) for the first time today, please don’t think that because he has been in foster care for 7 months that there must be something wrong with him. He was rescued from a commercial breeding facility and was even afraid of mailboxes when we got him. We have all learned a lot about each other while fostering him. He has learned to accept love, obey simple commands, play with other dogs, sleep peacefully in his crate, wait his turn, develop a daily routine and he has been housetrained. Everything in our world was new to him. He has become accustomed to household noises and neighborhood sounds like lawn mowers, school buses and garbage trucks. He visits pet friendly stores and does very well. He plays well with other dogs at the dog park, including his favorite corgi and bull terrier. Yesterday, he met a friend’s family and their two male dogs at the dog park and was very friendly and well behaved.

Bubba turned 5 years old on 4/11 and it is his first birthday in freedom. I hope you enjoy this video of him enjoying life's simple pleasures.

He is doing much better with strangers. He is easily corrected with runners going by but he still doesn’t like bicycles. If someone new is coming to the house, we meet them outside with a treat and walk in together. He is a little wary at first but does ok once he realizes that WE are ok with them. We are happy to have dog friendly and rescue oriented friends who have helped us to help him overcome his fears. He is very smart and the other day I said “you need to drink some water” to him and he headed straight to the water dish. Really!! He is a sweet, friendly guy who would make a great addition to a terrier experienced household. Please click here to see the progress he has made or to fill out an application to adopt him!

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