Monday, February 21, 2011

February is Pet Dental Health Month!

February is dental health month for pets and a perfect time to schedule a visit for an examination!

Keeping your pet's teeth and gums in good shape has many more benefits than just fresh breath. Regular cleanings and a few minutes of brushing each week can help give your pet a longer, healthier life.

Bad breath in pets is just one sign of dental disease that can lead to other health problems. What's more, like people, your pet needs routine dental care too. Most dogs and cats develop dental disease by 3 years of age. And the faster the disease is treated, the easier it is to manage.

Warning signs to look for in your pet
• Bad breath
• Sensitivity around the mouth
• Loss of appetite
• Yellow or brown deposits on the teeth
• Bleeding, inflamed, or receding gums
• Loose or missing teeth
• Pawing at the mouth or face
• Difficulty chewing

Veterinary check-ups include monitoring your pet's dental health, but if you see any of these signs between visits, give your vet a call.

Animal Medical Center ( Mt. Pleasant, SC)


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