Monday, October 1, 2012


Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network has reached a critical shortage of foster homes which will immediately start to impact the Cairns we are desperately trying to help! Intakes is literally having to beg foster homes to take a foster and there are virtually NO available foster homes.

 In years past, we were rescuing almost double the amount of Cairns that we are helping today and were able to have foster homes available for these Cairns. I'm not sure what has happened to deplete our foster home availability, but we need to determine exactly who are still viable foster homes and available to help the Cairns that so desperately need help.

 As of right now, Intakes is virtually at a standstill and will not be able to bring in any future Cairns until the foster home situation resolves itself. We also are "burning out" our "regular" foster homes who always seem to be ready and receptive to the next foster the minute one leaves, or even double or triple up just so a little Cairn doesn't die. But, we can't continue to overburden these foster homes either. 

BOTTOM LINE: WE NEED MORE FOSTER HOMES! WE NEED YOU! If you have adopted from CP, if you love Cairns, if you have room in your heart and your home for one more crate, one more food dish, PLEASE CONSIDER APPLYING TO BECOME A FOSTER HOME!! 

The link to the foster home application can be found by clicking here. The need is great, but the reward is PRICELESS!

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