Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday Sweets!

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet-filled Cairn and would like us to consider YOUR photo for an upcoming Sunday Sweets, send it to us at (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.).

Allie Efa is a little darling

Foster Encino is settling in to home life nicely

"Did you say 'walk'?" asks Foster Jayme

Foster Lynson looks oh so soft and touchable

NobleRalphie (CP Noble) celebrates his 2nd Gotcha Day

Cairn bookends — Starry Night (CP Carly) and MacArthur (CP Sparky)

Foster Silver shines in the sun

Foster T-Rex is anything but ferocious

Foster Whittier has found a toy as fluffy as she is
Our little Molly is growing up (fka CP Chiclets)

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