Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Written by the CP VP of Intakes

Last week they were living in a commercial breeding facility... this week they are part of the Col. Potter family!

One of the really special programs CP has is the Name a Mill Cairn Program. This gives you an opportunity to name a rescued cairn who has spent their life knowing little other than a cage and then watch them blossom and bloom into a little Cairn that we all love so much. Some people donate in memory of a loved one who passed, some people donate in honor of a special occasion. No matter what the reason, it's a wonderful way to help the Cairns and remember or honor someone.

These two furkids are both named with donated names and each has a special story.


Salvan - Female, born 2/5/06 - we all remember little Sally, the Cairn who had won her freedom from a breeding facility and was on her way to her forever home when she got loose during transport. Even though Sally wasn't a CP furkid, several CP members searched the area where Sally had been lost. Unfortunately, weeks later Sally's body was found. Her forever family was so grateful for the help of CP, they donated to not only remember Sally and so that she may live on in another Cairn, but also to honor those volunteers who searched to find her.


Blaiser - Male, born 8/30/02 - Blaiser was the nickname of a special man who lost his battle with cancer. Molly, a Cairn with medical and temperament issues, was daddy's little girl, even when she almost bit his ear off while trying to remove a sticker from her paw. The last thing Blaiser said before he died was "Don't forget that I want to be buried with Molly".

Please help me welcome Salvan and Blaiser. I just know that Sally, Blaiser and Molly are all smiling down on them.

If you are interested in donating a name as part of the Name a Mill Cairn program, click here to learn more.

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