Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wanted -Detroit's Forever Home

Dictated to Detroit's foster mom

Detroit's New Blanket

I am respectful of the alpha in my foster home.

I get along well with the other 6 furkids here.

I love to play with the other furkids or alone.

I love toys and spending time outside.

If I am busy, my hearing is not so good when you call me.

I like to dig and hunt and sometimes chase prey.

I love people.

I like to give kisses and tail wags.

I am very talkative.

I prefer to have my people home, but do not need to be close to them. I am too busy playing with the others or myself. Or even napping. I do ask for belly rubs often or a few scritches. Sometimes I like to lay next to you on the couch. I just need to know you are nearby.

I have a small bladder and have to potty more often, so a fenced yard with a doggie door or someone to let me out often would be best. I am able to keep my crate dry overnight, if you make sure I potty and go right to bed. I go most often when I am active and get thirsty more often.

I sleep quietly in my crate all night.

My favorite treat is boiled egg.

Do I sound like the perfect cairn princess that could fill your heart and home with love?

Gabby aka Detroit

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