Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mariah rescued by CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Another sad story of a little cairn dumped by her owner at shelter…..As if that’s not bad enough, a gassing shelter! Once Intakes found out she was just about out of time, we sprang into action. Thanks to one of our big-hearted foster moms, little Mariah was swiftly rescued and transported to our vet.

Mariah is a tiny girl at 11 lbs, 4-5 years old and just a little cutie with 1 ear up and 1 ear down. She was, understandably, very scared at the shelter but warmly greeted her rescuer by jumping up looking for treats. Mariah is named after her rescuer’s granddaughter who just celebrated her 16th birthday. Mariah is currently receiving her spa treatment and will be moving to her foster home next weekend.

Please welcome Mariah! Life will only get better for this little cairn.

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