Thursday, May 13, 2010

Red Alert! Arkie joins CP

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Red Alert! Red Alert! That was the subject line on an email to Intakes. It means call now, or a dog will not live another day. Luckily, Arkie had someone at the shelter that knew CP would help. Within 24 hours this little boy went from Red Alert, to safety.

Arkie is a 4 yo old male cairn that has been in and out of shelters all his life. This time, the shelter could not find a home for him. Yesterday he was scruffy, overweight, and had “major” skin problems. Today Arkie was bathed and put on antibiotics for the “major” skin issues that will fade away with time away from fleas and ticks. Today this little man is sleeping in a warm, friendly vet office, waiting for the start of his new life. Oh, and his weight issues, well, good food, the right exercise and lots of love will fade away that problem too!

Please give our chubby little Arkie a big CP welcome.

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