Friday, August 6, 2010

Give a warm welcome to Tippy!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

We received a call on Thursday afternoon from a CA shelter that this little, 3-4 year old, male cairn was way past his hold time and no adopters or local rescue groups were going to take him. The shelter gave us until Monday to get him or he would be euthanized. I put out a plea to our SF Bay-area volunteers and had an overwhelming response of offers to help, even though the shelter was 2+ hours from where most live.

So, yesterday Denise F made the long trek to the shelter to save the little guy. When she arrived, she called to let me know about a “little problem” – turns out the little male is actually a little female! So we had to do a quick name change. Tippy is now at the vet for a week of r&r. The vet reported the first thing she needed was a bath since she smelled so bad, but added that she’s very sweet and friendly with all the staff. She loves being carried around and is an enthusiastic tail-wagger.

Please welcome Tippy to Col Potter and give a big round of applause to our CA volunteers, especially Denise for spending all day getting her to safety.

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