Monday, August 2, 2010

Meet Cypress, the foster puppy 'monster'!

Contributed by Cypress' foster mom

So have you ever taken a foster because he/she's just SO cute?Little Cypress is a little mite at almost 9 pounds and Mary pleaded for us to foster her. Well it's AMAZING what almost 9 pounds can do! She's a little squirm worm, wriggling with joy whenever you pick her up. She absolutely LOVES people. The past couple of days she's decided that having her own bedroom away from the rest of the family is just NOT acceptable.

She has been complaining LOUDLY that she needs to be included. (Did I mention that a high C is not out of her vocal range? In fact, she quite likes the 'upper register'.) So last night she took matters into her own paws. After her nighttime walkies,but before going in her crate for bed, she was again registering her usual complaints - her expen is the wrong shape, her garbage can is in the wrong place, the towels don't belong on the bed. You know, the usual decorating tips from an 8 month old cairn girl. THEN IT GOT QUIET............In my mind, whether the kids are cairn or human, quiet is NEVER a good sign.

So I opened the door to find out what was happening. Who should meet me from theend of the bed? Yep, little monster Cypress. She'd taken care of her expen. It was now a loooong rectangle stretched across the room. She'd knocked down the garbage can to be more accessible and taken the towels off the bed. (They were in her way and looked better on the floor anyway.) She was SOOO proud of herself, wiggling happily on the bed. So I laughed at her, called her a monster, put the room back together, popped her in her crate with a cookie and a kiss, and turned out the light - threatening a lid for her expen if she tried that trick again.

With nary a peep last night, she arose happily and went on her walkies with Mary. She wasn't back in her pen for 5 minutes before she met me at the door again, happily wagging and wiggling to come out and play, although this time she did it without moving the expen. So out came the expen lid to keep her safe. I've promised her that she can meet the pack on Saturday after she gets her stitches out. She will have had a week to get used to the smells and sounds and routine of our house and will be ready to make some new friends.The good news is that she has kept her crate dry EVERY night since she's been home! YAY! She's a cutie, but a monster. I think she subscribes to the rule: "You can say(do) ANYTHING as long as you smile when you say(do) it!"
Cypress is 8 months old and being fostered in Missouri.

She will be available for adoption soon. Please visit our website to see all of the cairns that we have available for adoption.

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