Monday, August 23, 2010

Silk's video debut

Contributed by Silk's foster mom

Silk is 8 years old and she was rescued last year and had her last litter of pups in the loving arms of Col. Potter. She is currently being fostered in Virginia and you can go to our website to learn more about her and all of the wonderful cairns we have that are available for adoption.

She came to B&B with us last month and despite her fears she seemed to thrive on the change so we decided to foster her.

Silk is so sweet and is learning that humans CAN be good - especially when they give you body rubs and ear scritches. She absolutely loves Ed and the feeling is mutual. The first day we had her he was sending me pictures of her on the phone with the caption "The little princess."

But Silk is MOST happy when she can run around outside. Unfortunately we live in a townhouse and have a very small yard, but on our recent visit to West Virginia she was able to take advantage of our big fenced area there and she ran and galloped and cavoted, all the time with a big doggie smile on her face.

I managed to capture some of it on video (she's afraid of the camera) and will be sending to be added to her web listing. I really hope this touches someone willing to give this little mill mama a chance. She's the first "typical" mill mama we've fostered and I have to say that we all (including our sons) rejoice with every new brave step she takes.

Silk is the wheaten in the purple harness running around and doing a little dance. Chewy is the larger wheaten doing his Eeyore shuffle.

DISCLAIMER: It may look like the dogs are running loose in the middle of the woods, but actually we were on a "trail" right next to the cabin (the cabin was directly to the left I just never got it in the shot) and there's a wire fence through the trees on the right side of the trail and then across behind where Ed is standing in the red shirt. If we take them any further up the trail we then put a leash on them. Believe me - I would NEVER let them run loose in the woods of West Virginia!!

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