Thursday, November 18, 2010

Foster Rosso's aka (Trusty-Rusty) latest adventure!

Written by Rusty's foster Mom

Nope - he didn't escape, and no he hasn't killed any more critters (though a mouse had a near miss last week when hubby flushed one out hiding under the bird bath).....while I was walking him this morning he stuck his muzzle into a clump of burrs. The little itty bitty ones that stick to everything....especially doggy fur. I didn't see it happen but on the way back (we were in a field next to the house) he rubbed his face on the ground.

I thought he found something stinky! When we got back in the house I was giving him his biscuit and see the little nasties all around his mouth and nose. Yikes - right down to the skin. Amazingly (after I put him on the washing machine) he let me pull each one off. There was no way to cut them out b/c it was too close to his eyes and not even enough room to get the scizzors underneath. I was afraid I would be sending out an SOS for ideas to get these off of him!

I think I know where he found them so we will be avoiding that corner from now on.

It's never a dull day with Trusty-Rusty in the house.

Russo is being fostered in Michigan. You can click here to find out more about him or the many cairns that CP has available for adoption.

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