Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rusty's a CP kid, just in the nick of time!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

He's a Col. Potter kid, just in the nick of time! This darling 2 year old true red wheaten boy found himself in a shelter where he could have been adopted out, had he not started coughing! Coughing in some shelters means one thing--the end of the road. Shelters fear the entire facility becoming contaminated, so if the cough doesn't resolve quickly, the dog in in danger of euthanasia.

Luckily, due to the very diligent work of our Rescue Team members scouring the web daily for cairns in shelters, a contact letter reached the shelter asking if this boy needed help. The shelter replied that he did, most certainly. Once we had that information, Intakes moved immediately to arrange pickup. Our local rescue angels pulled him, and he is SAFE as a CP kid.

Initial reports on Rusty Staub: Loves people, loves men, likes petting, ALL potties outside, no marking, good on walks, will stay/stop when guided to do so. Stayed out in the front yard for hours on leash while we raked leaves. Sniffed the air, sniffed the leaves, sniffed the neighbors. Spotted cats, squirrels, other dogs--ears up, nose wiggling--but he didn't move! Just sat and watched.

From all I have heard so far, he is a dream boy.

Welcome Rusty Staub, you won't last long in CP!

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