Sunday, February 20, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Sometimes a young Cairn can find themselves in a whole lot of trouble just because ... well, because they're Cairns and the people they live with may not understand just what that means. A young Cairn is rambunctious, inquisitive and will challenge everything. That's where they can get into trouble!

This adorable little boy found himself on death row at a shelter because his mom startled him while he was sleeping and his tooth came in contact with her finger, just scratching her. Nevertheless, she decided she could not keep him and surrendered him to the shelter for his 10 days of quarantine. The shelter's policy did not allow for him to be adopted, no matter how minor the incident, and the only way to save his life was for a rescue to step up and take him. When Col. Potter heard his plight, we rushed to his rescue and he was sprung from the shelter and became a member of the Col. Potter family!

Meet Jiminy. A cute male, wheaten cairn born on 4/4/10. Yes, this little boy is only 10 months old!!

My thanks to Holly C. for getting him out of "jail" and delivering him to our vet for his week of "spa treatment". Holly reports that he is a real live wire and literally jumped out of his crate at the shelter and came running into the waiting room, ready to get out of there. Please help me welcome "Jumpin" Jiminy!

Note from his foster mom :

He seems to be a sweetie. He LOVES attention and belly rubs. This first week is the hardest because he has to be separated from our two. I just opened the spare bedroom door so our two could see him and he could watch them. He's in a VE...RY LARGE wire crate and just sits and watches or lays down. Not one peep out of him last night. He's been very good about potties outside so far. His size amazed me - he's bigger than Wiggles and almost bigger than Tigger - even though he's only 12.8 lbs. He's a "little" stockey so we're working on that too.

He is being fostered in Illinois and will have a 2 week evaluation period before he is available for adoption.

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