Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome Rex Lee

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Rex Lee found himself surrendered to a small country shelter. He had little to no chance of adoption from this shelter at 8 years old, and only a short time frame to find a new home given the overcrowding and new arrivals every day.

Luckily for Rex Lee, a small group of shelter volunteers works diligently to get all 'unadoptable' dogs out to rescue whenever possible. They contacted Col. Potter, helped arrange boarding, vetting and transport for him, and worked closely with Intakes until he was moved to his foster home. Without their help, CP saying YES, CP volunteers willing to meet his transport, and a foster home stepping up, Rex Lee would have never had a chance. It really does take a village!

He is described as friendly and sweet, well-adjusted and knows simple commands (sit, stay, etc.). He's very energetic and spry. He is affectionate, and likes to sit on laps! Likes both men and women, also gets along well with other dogs.

Welcome Rex Lee!

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