Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Diddie joins CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Please give a warm welcome to our new girl, Diddie. This 9 year old black brindle girl was surrendered to a shelter when her owner claimed to be unable to care for her after recent surgery. Sadly, it seems from her physical state, the 'unable to care' part had been a long standing situation. She was so badly matted that upon intake the shelter had no choice but to shave her. The mats and feces were so thick and dragging the ground, that she was unable to defecate. While we don't ever want a cairn to have to be shaved, for poor Diddie, it really was the kindest relief for her. Underneath her coat, her skin was red, raw, inflamed and in some spots bleeding from the hair pulling and the ammonia and bacteria being trapped. I can only think that she must have felt like she hit the jackpot with all of that nasty crud off of her.

Given her age, and her physical condition, the shelter knew she would not be adopted easily. They contacted Col. Potter to see if we could help. They wanted her to have a chance for a good life!

Despite her age, and her condition, she is feisty, and high energy. Her tail wags non-stop when she is on the go, and she loves to walk. Her volunteer walker at the shelter said she seems house-trained and did not potty in her kennel.

Exuberant, inquisitive, and wiggly, Diddie is super happy to be a part of the CP family!

Welcome, Diddie.

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