Saturday, April 16, 2011

Who's on First?? Why it's Abbott & Costello!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Who doesn't remember the legendary skit "Who's on First" with Abbott & Costello? It was and still is amusing to watch providing us with ongoing antics and frivolity. Now Col. Potter has its' very own Abbott & Costello!

Here's their story: One day a kind lady noticed two young small dogs meandering in the neighborhood on an adventure. Soon she realized these boys had no idea where they were! She scooped the boys up for their own safety. After finding no I.D. or microchips, she proceeded to put a "Found Dogs" program into action. Posters, phone calls, fliers - all resources used. No one came looking for these young boys. Maybe they weren't strays after all, maybe they had been abandoned. We'll never know and they're not telling. After several weeks of no results, their caretaker contacted Col. Potter for help. They were described them as silly little boys always looking for mischief! What one doesn't do, the other one will. Now that's a description of young cairns, isn't it??

Abbott, the wheaten boy, is estimated to be 2 years old.

His sidekick, Costello, the black brindle pup, is 6 to 8 months old.

Both boys are undergoing their spa treatment right now. The vet reports both to be healthy, active boys. Please welcome Abbott & Costello!!

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