Saturday, May 28, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

FREEDOM! There are different forms of freedom. There's the freedom when someone escapes an oppressive situation. There's the freedom when someone is released from their ailing human body and their spirit is set free. Both of these forms of freedom form the background for our newest member of the CP family. He is currently getting a taste of his first day of freedom with loving hands touching him, good food to eat, fresh water to drink, a bath for probably the first time in his life and the comfort and security of being inside and safe. He also has the protection from a very special spirit, a guardian angel.

Please help me welcome the new man in the CP family, Uncle Jack.

Uncle Jack is a male, he's estimated 5 years old and is black brindle. He so wants to trust a human and comes right to the front of his kennel at the vet, but if you enter his kennel, he runs to a corner and cowers. Uncle Jack was a donated name by the Intakes Team in memory of Curt and Marsha S's Uncle Jack who passed away earlier this year. Uncle Jack was a lover of dog's and we know Curt and Marsha's furkids who have gone to the RB, Sid and AJ, are riding around on the golf cart with Uncle Jack right now.

Uncle Jack, I know you're going to learn to love FREEDOM!

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