Friday, June 24, 2011

For all who support CP--Here's ANOTHER reason why

Written by CP's VP Intakes

Working rescue can be very rewarding, filling your heart with joy and pride. Working rescue can also be agonizing, filling your heart with sorrow and pain.

As with anything, there are two sides to the story, two different trains of thought. We have seen well intentioned legislation do more harm than good for the dogs. Now we once more find that people who were trying to help the dogs may have actually hurt them.

CP has been asked why we attend auctions as many rescues do not, and many rescuers lobbied to stop auctions. We believe if there is a Cairn that needs help, regardless of where it comes from, it deserves a chance at freedom and a happily ever after. This is what the United States of America stands for, what this country was built on--welcoming all people and giving them a chance for freedom and equality.

That opportunity was recently taken away for many dogs when a popular auction was shutdown. Yes, some of the dogs that go to auction didn't make it to rescues, BUT many did! Some of you have them in your family right now. Has anyone thought about what is to become of those dogs that did not make it to freedom? Where do the older, retired breeders now go? Or how about the puppy that wasn't quite healthy enough or chosen to become part of someone's family? What happens to them now?

This past Saturday, a little 7 month old male Cairn made his way into the loving arms of Col. Potter. We had been working on getting him for over a month. As a puppy, he had some skin irritation that was referred to as "hot spots" and never got a chance to find his own family. He's no longer a puppy, so no longer of value or sellable as a family pet. The dogs that are no longer needed or wanted are now being collected and sold to a LAB FOR RESEARCH. Yes, you heard me right, but let me say it once again -- THE OLDER, RETIRED BREEDER WHO CAN NO LONGER PRODUCE PUPPIES AND PUPPIES THAT WERE NOT ABLE TO BE SOLD ARE NOW BEING COLLECTED ENMASS AND SOLD AS LAB RESEARCH ANIMALS ...

I don't know about you, but when I learned this, I got chills, my skin started crawling, I felt sick to my stomack and my heart sank. What an absolutely awful way for these dogs to end their lives ...

Smoochie Poochie did not befall that fate thanks to CP! His name was donated by Tricia M. in memory of CP's very special Slater. I think Slater wanted to make sure this little boy had a chance to live a long, healthy life that he didn't.

Smoochie Poochie and all the others owe their lives to the generosity of those that support Col. Potter. We do what others can't, but we can't do it without you and your support. Please, when you look at this sweet little face, think about what could have happened to him, where he could be right now if it weren't for Col. Potter. Help us to help not only Smoochie Poochie but all the others out there that need us. Your donations and support truly mean the difference between life ... and death.

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