Thursday, July 14, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Summertime and the livin' is easy...or so the song says. In reality, the lyrics could be changed to "Summertime and the dumpin' is easy". Shelters have peak times of the year when more animals are surrendered than at other times. Two of the peak times are summer and year-end holidays. Why these two particular times you may ask? It's just easiest to dump a pet at the shelter while they go on vacation and tell themselves someone else will give them a better home than they ever could.

Unfortunately, that's not what happens. Shelters only have room for so many animals, there are only so many adopters available, and rescues can only take so many from the shelters to help with the overcrowding. You know what happens to the rest...

One little cairn boy found himself in such a situation. His family, the only one he had ever known for his two years on this earth, decided "they didn't have time for him anymore". He had been an only dog, never crate trained and now found himself in a shelter, alone, afraid and wondering "What did I do wrong that my family doesn't want me anymore?" He didn't do well at the shelter, all noises and being caged added to his fear and made him withdraw. He didn't greet prospective adopters but hung at the back of his crate. When he was taken out, he resisted going back into his crate and he was deemed to suffer from separation anxiety. The shelter decided that he was not adoptable. You know what happens to those that are not adoptable.

All because his family didn't have time for him anymore. Or, at least that's what they said, when they left him there at the shelter, never looking back at him and his frightened, confused, pleading eyes begging them to come back.

This little one got lucky. This little one found Col. Potter. Maybe his family didn't want him anymore, maybe they didn't have time for him anymore, maybe they're enjoying a vacation somewhere. Col. Potter has the time for him, Col. Potter wants him and thanks to Col. Potter his journey to a happily ever after has begun!

Please help me welcome Brisket, a very handsome little man who will never again have to ask the question "What did I do so wrong that you don't want me anymore?"

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