Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meet Matt, CP's New Boy in Town

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Do you believe in fate, in the afterlife, karma and destiny? Do you believe all things happen for a reason? Do you believe that you can make something good out of something bad? If you are given lemons, do you try to make lemonade?

A little one year old male Cairn found himself surrendered to a small, local, overcrowded shelter. His former family had not been the right place for him, but he was scared and alone at this shelter. He wasn't showing his potential and most animals that arrive at this shelter don't walk out alive. This little boy deserved a second chance with people who would understand him and who would give him the help, training, care and love that he so badly wanted but had not received.

The shelter, desperate for help, contacted Col. Potter. Would we consider taking this boy that wasn't good with children, who was scared, shy and withdrawn at the shelter? Intakes can't help all that we would like to, but we could help this boy!

With the help and guiding light of a very special Angel watching over this boy, please help me welcome Matt! His name was donated in the Name a Cairn Program in honor and memory of a little male cairn who was not given a second chance despite heroic efforts by members of the Intakes Team.

CP is now your launching pad, the sky's your limit and we know with the help of your wonderful foster home, you will achieve all you endeavor Matt!

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