Friday, August 12, 2011

A lucky girl joins CP!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Sometimes it takes a little longer for some furkids to find their way into the loving arms of Col. Potter. Sometimes love just isn't enough when a family's circumstances change and they find themselves in an emergency situation and need Col. Potter to step in immediately. That's what happened to this little girl and how her life has been intertwined with CP for the past few years.

It all started a couple of years ago when a neighbor of Kathy and Barney's answered an ad for a free female Cairn. They had seen Kathy and Barney's pack in the yard and thought they were neat little dogs. They didn't have this little girl home two minutes when she yanked her leash out of their hands and was off to the races. Immediately Kathy and Barney jumped in to help and luckily she was caught and returned to the family. Over the next couple of years, Kathy and Barney mentored the family and beat the drum to get her spayed in their efforts to keep this little girl safe, always offering CP's help if needed.

The family was unexpectedly asked to move out of their rental home a week ago and could only find a different rental to fit their needs that would not allow dogs. Then this weekend it became urgent that they find somewhere for her to go within 24 hours or they would be forced to take her to the shelter today. Yesterday this little girl said a sad good-bye to her former family and joined the CP family.

Please help me welcome Besame, meaning "kiss me" in Spanish. Sometimes it's our volunteers who make the difference in a little Cairn's life and that certainly was the case for Besame!

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