Sunday, September 4, 2011

Please welcome Pollo!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

We often hear of cairns in danger of losing their lives in shelters. Well little Pollo (pronounced poy-yo) was NOT in a shelter but he too was in danger of losing his life. You see, he has a thing for live chickens and a neighbor didn’t take kindly to his chickens being messed with by a little terrier.

Pollo, being a typical young cairn, very creatively figured out a way to push his crate up against his fenced-in area, hopped on top of it and escaped. He wandered down the road to the neighbor’s house where the chickens live. The neighbor caught him before he’d done too much damage and returned him but warned about what would happen IF there was a next time.

Fortunately, his family, who really loved the little guy and thoroughly enjoyed the antics of a little 1 year old cairn boy, realized they were not the best home for him. They contacted one of the Col. Potter volunteers and asked if we could take him before something bad happened.

Pollo, I hope the only chicken in your future is the cooked kind. But have no worries little guy, the squirrels, rabbits, and chippies are all fair game.

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